Dermalift non-surgical face lift


Dermalift Facial

A dermalift facial is a micro current  treatment. It  is a technique that effectively and gradually  improves the appearance of the skin. It will improve muscle tone in the face and neck, stimulate your own collegen production to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Dermalift also improves facial circulation and helps to increase healthy cell production. 

Is Dermalift Comfortable?

A Dermalift treatment is extremely comfortable and relaxing. When the gentle micro currents are applied to the facial muscles and tissue of the face, neck & throat they gently stimulate those areas that have lost their youthful glow & resilience. The finer lines that have formed around the eyes will start to diminish and your skin texture will take on a much fresher appearance, feeling smoother and regenerated.

Benefits of Dermalift treatments

The Dermalift treatment excels in dealing with signs of ageing, such as facial lines and wrinkles. It has the ability to reduce those tell tale signs and bring back the natural glow and elasticity that is associated with youthful skin.

Used with other treatments at [cocoon] Dermalift helps hold back time and works well with the Comfort Zone facial treatments and also the Comfort Zone products to be used at home.

Normally a series of six to twelve treatments, five to ten days apart are needed for the optimum results to be achieved, followed by visits to to the salon every four to six weeks, to maintain the more youthful, fresher and healthier appearance.

Individual Treatment £38.00

6 Treatment Package £190.00

12 Treatment package £380.00